Iowa Arts Council submission

Public Space One Style Shoot

Designers Sex+Ice Cream and Jillian Moore present their designs inside Public Space One. Including sounds by Brendan Hanks and Telekinetic Yeti

Bacchor (Sauvaged Promo)

Lindsay Chastain of Sauvaged Jewelry brings designers and models together one summer evening at an abandoned Iowa farmhouse. 

True Love Will Dessert You

For a piece premiering during the 2016 Flyover Fashion Festival, we collaborated with local businesses and artists to create a project focusing on a fun, vibrant vintage style.

A moving photo album focusing on Iowa City photographers and the scenes that surround the images they capture. lizmungerphotoclub is a short film by Iowa City artist Jason Levi Smith, following photographers Sandy Dyas, Barry Phipps, and Dawn Frary. Concept and edit by Jason Levi Smith.

Chancery Papermaking

PAPER HAND MADE IN IOWA A team at the University of Iowa's Center for the Book seek high yield and high quality with a project to create 2000 sheets of handmade paper using pre-industrial methods.

Iowa Photographs 

Following Iowa City photographer Barry Phipps during his 'Iowa Photographs' project, Barry and I edit together a piece that captures him in the process of taking the photos as he finds them. Soundtrack by Barry Phipps. 

Since 1970, Chamber Singers of Iowa City has offered a rich and varied repertory to the Iowa City area as our community's premier choral ensemble. The non-profit volunteer choir of approximately 55 singers is chosen annually by audition, and members come from all walks of life.